Teacher Information

There is a teacher and an aide in grades pre-kindergarten 3 to kindergarten. First grade through twelfth grade has 11 full-time teachers and 4 part-time teachers. All teachers have either tenure, a certified teaching degree, or a degree in their field of expertise.

Grading System

  A = 90-100

B = 80-89

C = 70-79

D = 60-69

F = 59 and below

Graduation Requirements
The total number of credits needed to graduate from Fairwinds Christian School is 25. A credit is worth 36 weeks of work, 5 periods per week (unless otherwise noted), under the supervision of a teacher. These 25 credits must include the following:

English 4

Social Studies 4

Mathematics 4

Health 1/2

Science 3

Physical Education 1

Bible 4

Speech 1/2 

Electives 2

Spanish 2

High School Course Offerings


Physical Science             Chemistry 

                                                                                Biology                             Physics 


Spanish I          Spanish II        Spanish III


                                                                          Algebra  I                         Geometry 

                                                                          Algebra II                         Applied Math


                                                         Social Studies

                                                                        Geography                      Government

                                                                        World History               US History



                                            Students take English courses of increasing difficulty each year.

                                                    Along with this course student takes 4 years of Lit

                                                                        American Lit                British Lit

                                                                        World Lit                       Themes in Literature 


                     Studies of the Bible that are relevant to living a successful Christian life in our challenging times.

                                                     Computer Science

                                                             Typing Fundamentals         Word Processing

                                                            Database                                 Spreadsheet

                                                            Linking Applications           Computer Literacy


                                           Additional Required Courses

                                                                            Health               Physical Education




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